Our two flagship beers are the ROCKET RIDE and SNEAKY BLONDE. They both went to market in July 2012. Initially they were  called the "dark" and the "light" by servers and our first fans although it became obvious calling the Sneaky Blonde the "light" at over 7% alcohol could be misleading. Its always interesting to hear from people why they prefer one over the other even if they often like both. We entered our second year with the launch of the GOBLIN HUNTER. We call it our Year-Round Halloween Seasonal and our answer to an Oktoberfest beer, but as an Ale and not a Lager.
Galactic Coast Brewing - Sneaky Blonde
The Sneaky Blonde is considered a traditional German farmhouse ale, with a golden color denoting it as a classic blonde ale. The brew received its “Sneaky” label due to its smooth flavor disguising a hearty 7.1% alcohol content. Considered the crossover choice for traditional domestic beer drinkers, this fresh and bright ale is currently the top selling beverage offered by GCB and accounts for more than half our monthly sales.
GCB - Rocket Ride
The Rocket Ride is a classic brown ale, with a roasted color and a softer palate flavor hinting of caramel, coffee and toasted nuts. Designed to appeal to the more adventurous craft beer drinker, its unobtrusive flavor profile also appeals to the cross-over consumer. The biggest challenge is educating the consumer that a darker colored beer does not equate to a “heavier” beer such as stouts and porters. The Rocket Ride clocks in at a bold 7.6% alcohol content.
The Goblin Hunter is our third beer and by far the most mysterious. We call it a year-round Halloween Seasonal as it is our twist on an Octoberfest Lager, but an ale. This beer features five different malts and as proven very popular with the more sophisticated craft beer drinkers and home brewers who are constantly trying to figure out its style and guess its ingredients. It is full of flavor but surprisingly “lite” and refreshing.
Planned Upcoming Launches:

Superfortress: West Coast Indian Pale Ale (IPA)           -           Ejection Seat: Intergalactic Pale Ale (IPA)           -           Moon Base: Intergalactic Stout

Loud Leprechaun: March Madness Seasonal           -           Invisible Plane: Smooth Summer Ale           -           Strategic (Air) Command: Big Barley Wine

The Pound:  British Brown Ale           -           Brew Capsule:  Our Limited Series of Pro-Am  & Special Releases.

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