We call our brewery "The Lab," because of both our vigilance to keep it clean and the experimental attitude at Galactic Coast Brewing. Everything involved in our brewery started out as experimental, until it was eventfully either qualified, or dropped. From our self-designed electric brewhouse, custom-built 4-at-a-time keg cleaner/sanitizer, DIY glycol machine or the development of the self-proven protocols and procedures necessary when developing a custom system instead of learning a proven one, we are coming at brewing from a different angle. We recently acquired our neighbor which triples the space we had available during the first two years in business. We have starting construction and testing on various parts of our next level custom brew house, which has been paid for from beer sales to date. After two years in business, we have proven it is possible to launch a successful brewery without a family fortune, loan or investors. But that doesn't mean it is the recommended option and now that we have proven that this "dog will hunt" with far greater unsolicited demand than supply, we will be speeding up expansion as we enter Phase 2.0.