Texas Craft Beer Galactic Coast Brewing Galactic Girls-Doctoberfest-First Galactic Girl appearance (October 2010)

1st Galactic Girl appearance (Doctoberfest • Oct. 2010)

No one loves events involving and celebrating beer more than we do.  And we participate in and organize as many events as we can, although far less than we would like to. We are a small brewery run by an even smaller team and have learned the hard way that when we spend too much time participating in and hosting events instead of brewery work, we fall even further behind demand than we already are.  However, we do stay active and partner with our Galactic Coast Outposts to help host as many special events, 'meet the brewers' nights and 'tap take overs' or launches as we can fit into our schedule. While we have not yet had a brewery tour to date, our recent acquisition of our nearest neighbor that has tripled our space and the upcoming expansion that has begun will allow for special events at the brewery, finally.
I Love Beer Fest (House Of Blues • Feb 2014)

I Love Beer Fest (House Of Blues • Feb 2014)

Since opening, we have been aggressively pursued to participate in all kinds of awesome festivals and events and we really appreciate the interest and invitations.  Because demand is already far greater than supply, we struggle to justify investing the money, beer and time away from the brewery to participate in even a fraction of the events that reach out to us.  Telling a festival "no" is difficult and telling a charitable event that "we can't" is even harder.  We wish we didn't have to be so selective in what events we get involved with and look forward to continuing to grow and increasing our marketing and community involvement.  Based on our charitable involvement to date, one could determine that we have the hardest time saying "no" to events benefiting our troops and wounded warriors, which is a cause the team at Galactic Coast Brewing really get behind and have been proud to support. Below are galleries from a select few events he have been involved in ranging from festivals to in-venue promos to our official launch party which was filmed and aired for The Discovery Channel. Check back often as we will be posting upcoming events here and our Facebook page as they are scheduled.