texascraftbeer-johnennis-GalacticCoastBrewing_SanJacintoMonument01Galactic Coast Brewing (GCB) returned commercial brewing to Galveston County, which had a rich tradition of top producing breweries dating to the 1800s but none for more than 30 years. The brewery was established in the state of Texas by Michael Taylor and John Ennis in 2010, received state and federal approval to manufacture and sell beer in 2011 and started selling beer in 2012 after a long phase of engineering, experimentation and more than a little construction.

Inspired by the innovative and competitive legacy of the area’s space exploration program, the founders of GCB followed a unique model by leveraging enthusiasm, creativity and revolutionary IMG_6351-drinkofagesparty-houseofblues-lgthinking to overcome the unwillingness to start out in debt and burn extensive capital. Quickly after entering the market it became obvious that a demand existed for their new wave of rich, hand-crafted brews full of flavor, personality & creativity and unsolicited demand for GCB has been proven to be strong and far greater than the brewery can currently meet. 

But the brewery just (Sept 1, 2014) acquired its nearest neighbor which increased its space three-fold and is well on the way to increasing production to better meet demand and an ambitious vision for the future.

  • Is the brewery open for tours?

    Unfortunately, the brewery is not currently open to the public and we do not have scheduled tour at this time. Right not we have two major construction projects going on making the brewery a less-than-idal place to visit. First, we are working on the design and build of our new, larger custom-engineered brewhouse so we can do a better job keeping up with demand. We also just aquired our neighbor's space which will triple our foot print and soon we will start construction on our special "Tap & Tank Room" which we are excited about and will be used for special events at the brewery. Stay tuned for details on that!!!

  • Is Galactic Coast available in cans or bottles so I can enjoy it at home?

    Currently, we are only available on draft in kegs at featured outposts (bars and restaurants) along the "Galactic Coast." We do have plans to release our beer in cans and even have been contacted by the largest liquor store chain in our region that is very interested in carrying us once we get into the package game. But we don't plan to launch any of our beers in cans until 2015. We do have TABC label approval for 20oz bomber bottles for all three of our current products and could release some from time to time, so stay tuned!

  • Can I buy a keg of your beer from the brewery?

    No, it is our understanding that would be against TABC law. Such a transaction would need to be made from a third party establishment with the appropriate TABC license. We have had discussions with such establishments and look forward to eventually having enough supply to dedicate some towards retail keg purchases as this is very common question and we are very flattered every time we are asked. We look forward to eventually being able to point those wanting to have Galactic Coast on tap inside their home to the appropriate outlet that has them in stock.

  • Can I fill up a growler with your beer at the brewery?

    No, because we are licensed as a "production brewery" and not a "brewpub," it is our understanding that no beer can be purchased for "off-site" consumption at our brewery according to the recent (2012) TABC laws. For many years attempts at improving the laws for breweries in Texas included allowing breweries to fill growlers and/or sell a limited quantity of packaged beer to brewery visitors for off-site consumption. But when the Texas Craft Brewers Guild was finally able to score a victory in Austin over the powerful distributors and even more powerful big beer conglomerates, the new laws opened the door for on-site consumption sales at breweries in favor of sales for off-site consumption. So unless we change our license to a brewpub, which has been discussed because a brewpub designation offers more flexibility following the more recent changes in brewery laws, we will not be able to fill growlers at the brewery.

  • If not at the brewery, can I fill up a growler with your beer anywhere else?

    We currently distribute kegs to at least one venue that has the proper license (not a full liquor license) to sell growlers and is seriously considering it. We also have been contacted by number of venues inside the Houston loop that specialize in filling growlers and we look forward to eventually rewarding them for their interest and patience. Making our beer available at some venues that offer growler fills will be a priority once we increase our supply as we believe more ways for beer enthusiasts to enjoy Galactic Coast Brewing is a good thing!